RGB LED Strip (5050) and PWM --> never completely off


I'm new in the topic of microcontrollers etc.. I only have plenty experience in programming.

I want to build this: http://www.instructables.com/id/30-channel-LED-RGB-Ambilight-Clone/?ALLSTEPS

Today I've connected a little piece of the RGB LED strip with an external power supply and the Arduino. I did it like in the image at step 2 in the link: +12 V Power Supply --> +12 V LED Strip GND Power Supply --> GND Arduino

To control the LEDs I've connected the 3 colours from the strip to PINs 9 (red), 10 (green) and 11 (blue).

My main problem at the moment is that all LEDs are shimmering even if I set the PINs to HIGH/255. Green and red are much more brighter than blue and therefore if the strip should be off there is a greenish yellow.

I have the same problem if I want only one of the base colours, it's not possible because the other two LEDs are shimmering and that's for mixed colours also a problem.

How can I fix this? I tried to use different resistors but the only difference is the overall brightness of the LEDs.

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Sadly instructiables are notorious for being very poor, this looks like no exception. By shimmering do you mean flickering? There are no decoupling capacitors on the two chips. Put a 0.1uF cap on the power lines of each chip, that might help with the shimmering.

I haven't used the TLC5940 so far - I only wanted to test the software etc.

My circuit is more like this one: http://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FMJ/RGXH/GKQ39IK8/FMJRGXHGKQ39IK8.png but without the Transistor and Resistor --> The R/G/B Pin from the Strip goes directly to the PWN Pin of the Arduino. I think the lack of the transistor is my problem and therefore the LEDs are never grounded.

With shimmering I meant glowing, illuminated a little bit ;) (Sry, English is a foreign language for me :blush: )

I'm going to test the LLC5940 this weekend maybe the problem is solved then ;)

If you drive the strip directly from your Arduino PWM pins your Arduino will probably die.

You need the transistors or something like a ULN2003 darlington array.

Check this:


MikMo: If you drive the strip directly from your Arduino PWM pins your Arduino will probably die.

Then my Arduino is immortal :grin: It ran for hours directly from the PWM :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks for the answers, next step is TLC5940 if I have the time.

Then my Arduino is immortal

No it is severely damaged, you just haven’t spotted it yet.