Rigol Ultra Sigma Not Opening


I wanted to use my scope with my computer so I decided to install Rigol software known as Ultra sigma (I also dowloaded Ultra Scope). Everything was great until I started the software. Software starts but it closes immediatly.
(This is the last thing I saw on the screen)
(By the way my scope is DS2202A)

You are in the wrong forum!

Not necessarily. This is the general electronics section and there is a good chance that other users have similar equipment and issues.

Yip, Electronics, NOT software!

I disagree, but that's ok. We're allowed to disagree.
If you think it's a problem then flag it as other and explain for the mods. They will move it if necessary.

Overall I wouldn't say this is an exclamation point kind of situation though.

Thanks for the reply,

Where can I write this topic?

Try the RIGOL customer support, They are more likely to have a solution.

No need to flag this, while I do agree the section is for general electronics, it should, in my opinion, have an Arduino based circuit!

Please note, this is only my opinion :wink:

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