RJ45 - RS232 - MAX3232 - Arduino Rx Tx interfacing/communication


I am trying to communicate using below devices and configuration.

I am using Module which works on +24VDC / 0. RJ45 is connected to that Module as COM PORT 1.
PIN Description of RJ45 [1-RxD || 2-TxD || 3-NC || 4-NC || 5-NC || 6-RTS || 7-NC || 8-GND]

RJ45 is connected to RS232 using below configuration.

  • RxD --to-- TxD*
  • TxD --to-- RxD*
  • GND --to-- GND*

RS232 is connected to Arduino compatible Serial converter [Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking], which uses MAX3232.

Serial converter is connected to Arduino using below configuration
VCC --to-- 3.3
GND --to-- 0
Tx --to-- Rx
Rx --to-- Tx

I am not able to perform this. Can anyone help me out ?

Thanks in advance

Waiting for the suggestions....