roast chicken, in the microwave?!?!

ok, so my sister decided to cook roast chicken, in the microwave... :o :o :o i have no idea how this is going to come out, so i may end up going to bed hungry, if it fails. not that i can't stand to lose a little weight, but i also can't stand going to bed hungry. ;) anybody have any success with roasting a chicken in the microwave? just need to know if i should have some Pop-Tarts handy. ;)


sounds like a terrible idea. Good luck.

So she is not using a combi microwave that has a grill? Hard to see how she can get a roast look without a grill.

@Qdeathstar's recipe removes the skin. The skin would most likely be the problem.

I had a bright idea once to pressure cook a whole chicken. Quick, easy, cooked chicken with no waste and soup thrown in! It can be done but I should have looked up a proper recipe, the skin was very gloopy.

Poaching eggs in a microwave was not a great success either. Obviously you don't microwave an egg in its shell but if you have microwaves you can save yourself the hassle of using water can't you - well it seems not :confused:

The chicken bone is the other problem, the meat around the bone does not heat up as much, salmonella poisoning.

Thorough cooking or pasteurization kills Salmonella bacteria. You’re at risk when you consume raw, undercooked, or unpasteurized items. Salmonella foodpoisoning is commonly caused by: undercooked chicken, turkey, or other poultry.

Tom… :slight_smile:


it was a disaster, by my view. it tasted alright, but it was [u]splotched with pink in odd places.[/u] she thinks it was great, but i haven't the heart to tell her otherwise.

Thats uncooked chicken meat...

Tom.... :)

Reminds me of a film "The Accidental Tourist" where Rose cooks a turkey but her brothers worry about the cooking temperature - good film, right time of year too.

Maybe a touch up with a blow torch to brown the skin, but I am really not the person to give cooking advice

Is your sister of average intelligence? Not being mean, but my aunt puts the dishes away with soap still on them to "keep them fresh" and she has the iq of a fence post, literally... this story reminds me of my aunt... sounds like something she would do.

I microwaved a turkey once, and it came out looking poached. So we finished it with a blow torch, and got the skin real crispy!

travis_farmer: ok, so my sister decided to cook roast chicken, in the microwave...

You live in UK, right? :P

RIN67630: You live in UK, right?

Who knows? It was 3 years ago. Leave the poor chicken rest in peace.


Who knows? It was 3 years ago. Leave the poor chicken rest in peace.


It is becoming actual. Now, in times where you must leave confined, some people are trying to cook by themselves, once all noodles are gone and the shelves in the supermarket are empty…

No, honestly you should MAKE YOUR OWN THREAD instead of pushing links to zombie an old one.

If you get a suspicion that not everything is about opinions and feels, you may be onto something.

You live in UK, right?

No, he really doesn’t