Rokenbok Toys Come to Life with Arduino Programming

Hi all,

I thought you'd dig the news that Rokenbok is jumping into robots. Check out our Kickstarter here: ROKduino: Buildable Robotics & Coding for Children! by Rokenbok Education — Kickstarter.

We launched yesterday and have already raised over $13,000. The set comes with step-by-step instructions to build and program a beetle bot, a scorpion hunter and an auto-ferris wheel. But with over 400 building components, including sensors, motor modules, hinges, wheels and gears - and a brand new Arduino-based smart block - imagination is the only limit to what you and your kids can build.

After building your Rokenbok robot, you plug the brand new ROKduino smart block into a computer and start coding. With our easy-to-follow instructions and drag-and-drop programming, kids as young as eight years old can enjoy the satisfaction of bringing their robots to life. After mastering the basics, it’s a snap to step into full Arduino programming. We will supply code blocks that can be downloaded from our site. And of course, you are free to use code from anywhere in the Arduino community.

The microcontroller in the ROKduino smart block is an ATmega32U4, which is the same chip used in the Arduino Leonardo. Everything included in the robotics set, including the ROKduino, can snap into every building component Rokenbok has ever produced. Plus, we will be providing downloadable CAD files for 3D printers, so you will be able to create your own custom components.

The Rokenbok Programmable Robotics Set will retail for $300, but if you act now, you can get it for the early bird special of $199.

Here's how to build and program the Beetle Bot, one of the many robots you can make with our new set:

Again, here's the link to the Kickstarter campaign: ROKduino: Buildable Robotics & Coding for Children! by Rokenbok Education — Kickstarter