Room Mapping Robot?

I made a autonomous robot that roams around and has a Ping))) sensor on the front. Is there ANY way with an Arduino Uno that I could make it remember where obstacles are and avoid such things as backing into them? If you would like my current code please ask although its quite simple.

How big a room? Mapped to what resolution? How will the robot KNOW where it is with respect to the room? To the map?

A normal sized bedroom. It will only KNOW its for example, hey, I went 200mseconds forward from start position and there is something 22inches and 7cm infront of me. So it knows not to ever back up for whatever milliseconds it takes to travel 22 inches and 7cm... Would you like my current code? It has no implementation of room mapping yet.

There's been at least one thread on this subject before, and basically it boils down to how much storage you have available.

If you use the box in the top right corner to search for 'room mapping' it should turn up the links to the previous thread(s).

Yeah I did a google search and not a whole lot came up having to do with arduino but I will see. Thanks!

Using the forum search (as suggested) I found these three threads on the first page;,111031.0.html,104882.0.html,94381.0.html

and for questions this specific, the robotics section may provide better assistance.

Thanks man. I could have searched it myself :P But thanks!

I recommend the course on AI. It teaches you the pricipals of building your own atonomous car.