Round LCD and Driver Help


I have come to acquire some round LCD modules. They’re really cool looking, but I just can’t seem to get the display to function with my mega2560. Apparently, they use the Renesas R61505V controller driver. They’re 220x220 px, with LED backlight all crammed into a 1.3" diameter screen size. The module itself only supports 8-bit 80-system interface, which is beguiling enough as it is.

My proposal is this. If anyone can decipher the datasheet (attached eR16505.pdf) of the driver and (attached 1404-spec.pdf) of the module to the point of helping me get this thing running, I will gladly send them one (maybe more?) of these displays as thanks. Quick snapshot below gives you an idea of the display itself.

Thanks for your brain power!

eR61505V_1.00.pdf (3.35 MB)

1404-spec.pdf (378 KB)

did you ever get these displays to work?

I'm afraid not. I did get some feedback from a member, but never managed to get the display to initialize.

How did you do the voltage level conversion needed as its only a ~2.8V device.

A logic level converter is all you would need for that. Just give it an output voltage to match, then input on one side is brought to that voltage and copied to the other side. Check adafruit or sparkfun.

But is this what you used for logic level conversion? If I search for R61505V on eBay I see this that mentions the controller is ILI9320 compatible. A google for 'arduino ILI9320' brings up this where someone has interfaced there display to a Mega. I wondered if this will be close to what your looking for but then thought, how you did the level conversion when you was trying to get them working.

Yes, that was how I converted the levels. I actually bought the item off eBay a few months ago to test since they had the same controller. However, I had issues getting it to initialize on UNO, 2560, and Due.

Did anyone ever have any luck driving one of these displays?

simonparke: Did anyone ever have any luck driving one of these displays?

I never did get them to initialize. It looked like the UTFT library could be a viable resource, but for all the pins you have to dedicate to that specific model, I decided to go with a conventional rectangular display. There do appear to be a couple SPI capable round TFT displays out there, but for now, I'm sticking with tried and true hardware.

Alright, guys: Update. I did finally manage to get this display to work!

Sparkfun has been vending stuff from 4d Systems for a while now, and just by chance, I visited their site: to see what else they had.

Well, lo and behold, they have a display module that uses this exact round lcd. So, I bought one, and I also picked up a naked chip that they use for the graphics controller: Diablo16. The module works perfectly, and with a little custom work, I was able to make one of the displays I bought way back work with the Diablo16 controller.

For anyone interested, here's a link on mouser Controller:



Hi i also purchased some of the round LCD with driver R61505V Can you provide any sourcecode, would be much appriciated. /sysshad