RTC and Vibration Motor

Hi guys. I'm trying to create a project for school which will be used to help elderly people take their pills. I am using an RTC clock and a vibrating motor to help them remember to take their pills. I cannot figure out the code to have the RTC clock make the vibrating motor vibrate at a specific time: like at 9am and 3pm. Do you guys know the code for this? I've spent so long trying to figure this out. Alsooo, any ideas where i can figure out how to wire the arudino to the RTC and vibration motor. Please let me know:))))

Welcome to the forums. If you have installed the IDE, you can add many libraries that will help you. One that may be of interest to you is the RTCLib library. Inside the IDE, go to Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries and the Library Manager will open up. Search for RTCLib and install it. It will come with many examples about reading the time.

As for wiring it up, most RTC modules use i2c so on a Uno, you use A4/A5 plus power and ground.

As for the vibrating motor, it depends on how much voltage and current it requires. You may not be able to drive it directly from the Uno. Do you have the model # or datasheet?