RTC Breakout for DS1339 on Arduino - low cost, battery backup, 2 alarms


I've created an RTC Breakout for DS1339 on Arduino, including a library for the module. Here is the instructable that I published - http://www.instructables.com/id/RTC-Breakout-for-DS1339-on-Arduino-low-cost-batter/

I was looking for suitable replacement for the DS1307, which is not suitable for a 3.3v Arduino Pro Mini. I settled on the DS1339, which had all the features I was looking for:

1) Tolerant of a wide range of voltages 2) Battery backup 3) 2 alarms, so you can use this module to wake up your arduino periodically if you have any low power projects as an added bonus, it has a trickle charger too!

I forked the Mosquino RTC DS1337 library (since the register formats are almost identical), made it more generic, and put it on github - https://github.com/sridharrajagopal/DSRTCLib

The board itself is available on https://www.oshpark.com/shared_projects/A21xcMiD

Hope this is useful to you! Cheers, Sridhar


I've finally gone ahead and created a fully assembled breakout board with the DS1339 RTC with smd components and created a double-header, so you can use it by plugging it directly into an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi - as the board is tolerant of 3.3 and 5v.

It is available on Tindie if you are interested! - https://www.tindie.com/products/UpbeatLabs/ds1339-rtc-breakout-board/

Cheers, Sridhar