Running a peristaltic pump on an arduino board

Hi all, I am currently running my first Arduino project in which it uses a 16x2 LCD, a DS1307 RTC along other things powered by 5V. I am also using a peristaltic pump that connects to the voltage in and is connected to a battery pack that supplies 9V as well as a 5V 1 channel relay module. However when it is all plugged in, the voltage regulator gets extremely hot and the board switches off. This is the pump section of the circuit, is there anything I need to do so this damn thing can function?! Thanks,

Pump VCC --> NC on relay module
Pump GND -->GND on breadboard/arduino board
Relay Common --> Voltage In
Relay VCC --> 5V
Relay GND --> GND on breadboard/arduino board
S on relay --> pin 13
9V battery pack goes into VDC input

Most often relays require thier own PSU.
The same for pumps.
The PSU should also be capable of suppling enough AMPS besides the correct voltages.

Certainly do NOT use the Arduino to supply power as it does not supply enough amps for either of those two items.

A better schematic would be helpful too even if hand drawn asd your pictures don't really tell anyone much.

Please attach the specs/data sheet of the pump as well.

Here is the link to the product

Welcome to the forum! From your word puzzle the motor is getting power from the arduino. A schematic would be a big help to all of us, not a frizzy thing they are never complete. Your pictures are interesting but do not help much. Rule 1 observe all voltages. #2 A power supply an Arduino Is NOT. You will get this to work. Remember the contacts of the relay are completely isolated from the Arduino. You can use a 12V battery, connect one to the relay, the other to the pump. The second lead of the pump goes to the relay, this will keep the Arduino from frying.

Yes, a proper schematic will get you answers from us.

Never connect high current loads to the Arduino 5v pin.

The 9V AA supply might be enough to run the 12v pump.

Or use one of these 12V battery holders:


Hey all, Thanks for the advice.. I have drawn up a schematic of the project. Please note that connections made via VCC, GND, A4 and A5 are done through the use of a breadboard. I am still an amateur and the schematic is not the best. Thanks.


Looks better but the pump should not be connected to Vin, connect to battery.

The LED will need a series resistor.

12v battery will be better.

A DS3231 RTC is better.

What relay module are you using ?

The switch is better connected between GND and the input pin.

A kickback diode across the motor needs to be added.

Actually an isolated 12v supply would be better than your current setup.

I am using a Keyes 5.1 5V 1 channel relay module. which does have an internal kickback diode. Is there a way I can use the kickback diode from the relay module?

Here is an introduction to adding relays to Arduino

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The motor needs its own kickback diode.

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I second that

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