Running a small database(kind of) on an Arduino/ESP32

I need to run a small database on a Arduino/Esp32.
Does anyone know if there is a libary that can help me with this.
This is what I got now.
2 Tables. Both with less than 10 fields. Less than 50 records in both tables.
I need to load/save them on a sd card.
I need to perform really simple queries like:
· Select all in table one where field_x<= 3
· Sort these numerically from field_2
Then of course add/delete records, and change fields.
I could define the tables as structs, and then sort them on this. But I would rather not go that route, and I think this might be memory hungry(if I make it)).

It would be great is a library for this already exists. I remember that I used a small database like this in Turbo Pascal 4.0. Must be in 1991 or so.
So If anyone has come across this please feel free to reply.

All the best

Interested by this kind of things. My analysis was a little different. As I would like to take the sd card out, plug it on a pc and read the data, I thought of formatting blocks of data on the sd card as .csv files, to be able to simply read them on Excel. There, off line of course, I could select data, sort them, make graphs, and so on.


I have not tried it, but a limited version of sqlite3 is available for ESP32.

On another note, I use MQTT, PuSubCLient, on 6 ESP32's to publish information to my MQTT Broker where the data is then sent to and retrieved from a database.

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