SainSmart 3,2" TFT LCD Display, how to connect to an Arduino UNO?


I've got the SainSmart 3,2" TFT LCD Display:

Also I've got the information that it may be connected to an Arduino UNO.

Is there anyone who has an idea how to do that and how it can be programmed. SainSmart got me no details.

Thank you.


I dont have an UNO, however the documentation shows the pinout. It shouldnt be hard to wire it up. They also likely have a shield for that LCD module

Go get the UTFT library it works with that LCD... I believe if it's a TFT01 or 02 that lib will work (Does for me with a Mega shield) I have an Uno shield but I haven't had time to try it yet. I just D/L'ed the libs and copied them into the lib folder compiled and ran the sketch called UTFT_Demo_320 X 240. RTFM Read That Fine Manual, it's full of useful stuff including drawings and pinouts as well as a list of LCD controllers it works with and hhow to use them. Henning is to the best of my knowledge very approachable about his work... I have yet to see any complaints.


Thank you for your hints. I found information on about the modul and a ITDB02_Graph16_Demo_Landscape.pde and just downloaded the UTFT library and will check that.


On the Mega (using SainSmarts shield) I had to modify examples a little bit to work properly with the UTFT and ITDB Touch libraries. But as long as you follow the suggest pin out, it should be good.

The pinout for the Graphics on UNO shields is LCD_RS 19 LCD_WR 18 CD_CS 17 CD_REST 16

And Touch pin are as follows I believe. DCLK 15 CS 10 DIN 14 DOUT 9 IRQ 8

This is purely speculative based on the examples that were included.

Here is the pinout from the documentation.

Thats funny because the sketch from UTFT for the 320 X 240 display compiled and worked Perfectly on my mega… I gueess because it either is the itead shield or a good copy? but mine looks great.


The examples compiled on mine as well, provided that I uncommented the lines pertaining to the mega. It sounds like the OP isnt using a shield though so I was just providing the pinout.

And I thank you for the information as well because I need it for something I am doing as well.\