Salvaged PIR Sensors from an Alarm System

Hi All,

I salvaged x3 PIR Sensors from an old alarm system.

It has 6 connectors:

and the Last two pins just have TMPR (Tamper).

Does anyone know how to connect it up to the Arduino?

Thanks In Advance..

does it has a serial number?

wild guess:
connect + to 5V
connect - to GND
I expect a high/low signal on C (can be tesed with a led or a DMM)

NC often stands for Not Connected
TMPR could also mean temperature? did they guard temperature (fire) too?

Cheers Rob

does it has a serial number?

assy 3-600-111-?? rev?? on one Top Layer and 5-600-111-02 Rev-2

I forgot to mention that it has a switch in the side that appears to break the connection on the TMPR Terminals.

When I connect it to a 12v LIPO (Reading 11.5v. 5vhad no affect) and put my hand in front of the sensor the led turns on! but I cant seem to read anything unless I set the multimeter to (200m) all I get is fluctuation.

At least the led turn on when there's movement, so I know it works to some degree

You can measure the voltage over the LED as an input ?

or better hold an LDR near the LED and you have it optical decoupled !! no chance of blowing your duino :slight_smile:

Just a guess but the "C" could be common and the "NC" could be normally closed. Take a continuity reading between them when the sensor is off and when the led is on.