Sample code from Arduino video?

where can I find the sample code from this official Ardiano video?

Good question. There is often a "Getting started with ..." page, but I can not find it.
This "carrier" is a "shield", a "add-on" board. You still have to add a Arduino MKR board.

If you have a MKR board with a SAMD processor then install the "Arduino SAMD Boards" with the Board Manager.
In the Library Manager is the "Arduino_MKRIoTCarrier" library for the sensors.
Then you can try the examples that came with that library. They are in the menu of the Arduino IDE.
The examples are also online:

I think the video title is wrong. The word "board" is used in the title. The term "Arduino board" is used for a board with a processor. This "carrier" is not a Arduino board, it is only a add-on thing with sensors.

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