Sanyo Denki Stepper Motor and drive coupled to Arduino Uno or Mega

I would like to know whether a Sanyo Denki stepper motor (SH2141-5511) and motor driver (BS1D200P10) can be coupled to an Arduino microcontroller. My aim is to rotate CW and CCW/revolution continuously for a project. The driver data sheet is provided @
The connection pins and input/output signal specs are shown on page 3, I would like to know which of these connections will connect to which pins on the microcontroller (I/O), assuming a UNO or Mega was used. Any help will be appreciated.

That should be controllable by an Arduino.

As far as I can see if you set the F/R switch to ON you can provide a step signal on pin 1 (pin 2 to GND) and a direction signal on pin 3 (pin 4 to GND).

This Simple Stepper Code should work for testing.

...R Stepper Motor Basics