Save changes to sketch bug

If I open a sketch by dragging it onto the Arduino 0022 window it opens in a tab instead of a new window. This works until I want to open something else in the first tab.
I selected the first tab and opened an example and clicked No to "save changes to sketch_jun30a?" because I did not want to save the blank file. Both tabs in the window were closed to open the example, and the second tab was not saved.

I know to save often, but it was really frustrating to lose any work because of something like that. Couldn't the open dialog just leave the other tabs where they are? or at least ask to save them? I think I'll be using single-tab windows from now on.

I think it is just a difference between the meaning of tabs in Arduino and the meaning of tabs in a web browser. Each tab of a sketch is considered part of that sketch. They are al separate files but compiled together. If you tell Arduino not to save the sketch it won't save the sketch.

Perhaps you should be opening files some other way; some way that does not add them to your sketch.

Ok, thanks. That makes sense now. I just made .pde files open automatically so I won't be dragging anything open anymore.