I just ordered a set of these. Where (or when) will the schematics be posted? I'd like to get started with some project ideas while they are shipping.

I was able to order a few boards late last week. Expecting them this week sometime. In addition to the schematic it would be very helpful to have a module footprint we can use in Eagle (and Kicad).

schematics have just been added to the product page under documentation tab (Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 — Arduino Official Store). a dxf for the mechanical description is coming..

Thanks Dario

Hi Dario, the schematic indicates that the FPGA is a 10CL025 U256 but based on the product page I assumed it was the 10CL016. Would you clarify for us which chip will be on the initial shipment of boards?

Initial offering is with a 16kle device, however we designed the board to accommodate also the bigger 25kle device. That is just a provision and right now we don't have a schedule to release the bigger one but it really depends on demand.