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I am making a scoreboard for my daughter school but come to halt when the digit are not displaying as per my expectation. The board is made out of 10 common anode 7 segment digits Arduino controlled SPI cascading the digits with 74hc595s. The scoreboard is made up of 4 digits for realtimer / countdown or up timer. the other 6 digits are for scores, three for Team A and the other three for Team B. My problem is how to make codes to run the scoreboard as explained. I would like assistance on the codes for both the 7 segment display as well as the wireless controller which has lcd display.
Please see attached as for what I plan to make and part of the schematic for the cascading digits.

PHouse Scbd.pdf (294 KB)

74hc595 cascade.pdf (113 KB)

I am unable to read the attached PDFs - Says they are corrupted.

What are the digits displaying? Like What do you expect "1234" what do you get f.ex "2222"

First you need to get each system working by itself. Work through the examples. Look through sites like Ebay to get what displays you want. Find out what your size limitations are for a PCB.

I will say that this is not a trivial project. It will take time to get it all together. Since you are new, you need to start small and work your way up. Start with the timer, get a cheap display and get it working, then move up.

How much of it have you already made?

Start with counting all segments you want to display.
So 7 segments per number to display, each dot you want to control.
Maybe you should divide your tasks over multiple Arduino's
CrossRoads (a prominent member here) has several scoreboard projects so maybe he could help you out with some tips.
Do not expect people to do your work for wou however.

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I replied here because i think this is the best place for this thread.

Maybe you should divide your tasks over multiple Arduino's

Actually he should consider multiplexing, so the LEDs and Multiplexing section of the forum would then be a more appropriate place to continue.

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That'd be interesting.
The equivalent of eleven 15x48 displays and 28 7-segment displays.
I could see using 2 shift registers x 6 shift registers for each 16x48 display, multiplex by writing 1 of 48 columns across all 11 displays with each update.
Then use 7 MAX7219 to control all the digits.
Or depending on size, multiplex them with P-channel devices on common anodes and TPIC6B595's pulling cathodes low.

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Regarding your test circuit:
MR needs to be tied to +5V, not Gnd.

As to the others:
Several variations posted, which do you want?

You might also contact Boffin1, he sells scoreboards commercially in SA.

Hi All,
I am sorry for cross posting, as newcomer I did not know where to post. However my request still remains I need the codes to drive / run 9 digits 7segment common cathode using the circuit attached. Four digits will be for the game time and two digits for home score and the other two for visitor, the last digit for the period. the timer should count down or up and also be show realtime when not showing game time. Please can some confirm the workability of my circuit if cascaded on the 9 digits. please note I tried it on one digit and it worked. Attached is my driver circuit and the digit design. thank you in advance.

JOSEPH-7 Seg -Relayed-2.pdf (46.5 KB)

7seg cc driver.pdf (15.5 KB)