sd card shield issues

So i am trying to work on a new project which requires a micro sd card with sound files.. i made a pcb with a sd card micro adapter soldered to a right angle header with resistors and such and its not working.. i cant figure out why.. any help would be appreciated..

My pinout on the ending header goes


here is a link i followed

I made it work with no resistors configuration. I connect directly to my arduino pins and worked fine XD

well then i dont understand why this wont work this way? ... i dont wanna damage anything with no resistors .. i have about 20 micro sd card connectors and i wanna make a pcb that i can solder them to but i am testing this first before i have my pcbs made.. i cant get this stupid thing working.. and my micro sd card works in my computer and i tested this sd adapter before i soldered it

Where are you getting the 3.3v power? The 3.3v pin on most Arduinos provides only 50ma, and the SD card could take up to 100ma during read/write.

yes it was coming from the arduino.. i plan on making a pcb with a onboard micro sd card holder.. do i need any resistors or anything then? since someone has it working straight to board.. are the resistors and such necessary.. i see sparkfun sells a micro sd card shield and it doesnt have resistors or anything on it .. its just a simple breakout..