any reason sd wont work with a micro sd. card?

Hey I got a micro sd card in an adapter for regular sd, and it doesn't seem to work
its formatted, 2gb card
im using an arduino nano,
I never get sd.begin to work even, always returns 0, I checked my connections and I get continuity on them all
Im pretty sure the sd holder module works, I've used it previously
any thoughts?

Does a regular sd card work? Also I had a cheap adapter that came with my cheap microsd card and the adapter did not work in anything (well sometimes it did) then I got a better sandisk adapter and it always works even in the arduino.

Yeah it seems it was the adapter, I tried the other one I had before I bought this one and works great
I wonder what's with the cheasy adapters

Glad you got it to work and about the adapter not working mabey it was slightly off size wise and the microsd contact pin did not touch the adapter wire part.

Do they sell micro sd slot modules? Preferably 5v tolerant? I looked on ebay to no avail, idk where else to search

Here is a nice microsd interface for 9.50 dollars with free shipping if you don't mind wait for it to arrive to America or were ever you are from:
or you can make your own using a buffer chip or a level shifter your would learn more but you do not get the nice pcb board and it might be a bit cheaper
here is a 1.1 dollar micro sd interconnect:
And to get an sd card working for 3.3v I used this hex buffer chip:,652/568-3108-5-ND/1023592

i had same problem...

the card was working on windows but not with arduino....(card was OLD)

i pulled my micrsd card from my cellphone and it worked pretty good...

make sure the sd card is new or recent model

Hi, I had the same problem with a MicroSD adapter that didn't work, and a Sandisk adapter worked fine.

Here's a small module that has both SD and MicroSD sockets and may be easier to connect or mount than a shield:

Also I have a lot of How-To there that might be helpful. Any comments or suggestions to improve that Wiki page would be appreciated.

The only thing that worked on every card that ever worked on an Arduino for me was the QuickStart sketch in the SdFAT library. It runs at half of maximum speed: 4Mhz (unless you set it to 8MHz or 2 Mhz) and it runs cards that fail at 8 MHz. I would suggest you always start there. How-to on that on the Wiki page.