Seeed Studio TFT v2 GUI

I have recently ordered a Seeed TFT screen v2, because the first version was discontinued. When I received it, in less than ten minutes I had gotten all of the examples that came with it to work.

My ultimate aim in buying the tft shield was to make a small GUI where I could navigate around, and open files from the microsd card that I have.

To my distress, each of the GUI libraries made for the shield were made for version one, not version two. I had tried them, but none worked. The only documentation I see about v2 is on the SeeedStudio wiki for the product.

GUI library: Seeed wiki:''_TFT_Touch_Shield_V2.0

If anyone has made any buttons, menus etc for the shield, or has gotten a working gui on v2, please let me know.


I had tried them, but none worked.

What happened? How do the examples for the v2 shield differ from the examples for the V1 shield?

I had tried them, but none worked.

Which GUI libraries did you try?

Did you change the #include files from the V1 names to the V2 names (#include <TFTv2.h>
#include <SPI.h>)?


Sorry for not responding, and for the un-thought out question. Instead of using the libraries currently available, I decided to just not use a library.

Thanks for the replies.

While this is a very late reply, you might consider checking out my new post: