Seeeduino Stalker - another datalogging Arduino

It's long time we planning to make an easy to use yet powerful data logger, either logging some cycling or in the name of new product line.

For mobilily, it has to be small enough for pocket size, water proof and rugged.

For easy usage, on board RTC is good as well as a SD card.

Then, why not some extensibility and flexibility? Yes, now it reserves full arduino pin header, not only be used as a stand alone datalogger, but also stack on another Arduino as a shield to form dual- core system.

Attaching Diagram and application ideas:
Diagram and application ideas.

A photo of the prototype, final version will separate the GPS module part.

It will be ready to stock very soon. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

It's looking good but how does it compare price wise to the other alternatives. I would be interested in one if the price with the GPS is not too high. That is the problem with most of the others on the market - the GPS costs a hell of a lot as an added extra.


The target price might be around 70-80USD, we are negotiating with the supplier to lower the cost now.

Price has never been an issue with seeedstudio.

Wow, this is the first green Arduino clone I've seen.

I'm not skilled in electronics (don't answer it's in schematics, please) so I wonder what kind of ADC you use for your board.

I'm looking for a assembled board with a resolution over 14 bits (a lot of TI ADC does it) in order to get physical informations.

Is the controlling libray already made ?


This is taking default ADC, which is 8 bit only. We might add an ADC hub with higher resolution.

Library will be consolidated for it. :slight_smile:

You talk about microSD card, i can't see the socket?
is it on the other side?


If you add an ADC, let me know, because it'll become the sheild I was waiting for long.


@ Patgadget
The microSD card holder is on the other side.

@ Jeff

We will consider it, but maybe a addon module? Thanks for the input!

Wow, this is the first green Arduino clone I've seen.

That's cos black looks spiffy and green is usually boring but occasionally it looks good, suits seedstudio!