Self Contained arduino Weather predictor

So, being the nerd that i am tonight i was thinking of what could i build in a oversized Altoids tin. Well i thought load it up with sensors, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, and a pressure sensor, and a real time clock, and to use an Aduino with a RTC to wake it up every 1 hr or so to read from all the sensors and go back to sleep again. use 3 buttons for calibrating on to tell the arduino when its mild weather one for severe weather and one for calm weather (and also i could use the serial terminal to input other data values), these data values would then be stored along with the past 24 hrs of readings when the buttons is pushed . This data wound then be averaged and then used to predict upcoming weather. Data would be stored on a sd card or small flash chip (whichever is easier to interface with) information would be displayed on a serial lcd screen and the remaining 2 buttons could be used for scrolling through info (such as predicted weather and previous data recordings and also battery voltage ) now i know this is a huge task to accomplish but i hope to eventualy build this , now um lets just say my programming skills are not the best (i can make joystick controlled servos but thats about all i can do so far as i just bought an arduino a month ago ), but if anyone would love to help me that would be great , also i do actually plan to finish this so also if you had ideas for weatherproofing it , or other case designs or additional sensors , anything! i would love your feedback !!

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THIS can maybe help you

That's awsome thanks! That has storage and the real time clock out of the way ( the two most complicated parts ! Now just need some serious help programming

Now just need some serious help programming

There is sameple code on that site too, have you seen it?

If you read the original post i somehow have to process all of the data stored ON THE ARDUINO to predict possible weather outcomes, that is the hard part because it must be processed ON THE ARDUINO and then displayed on a lcd screen , that is the major programing challange