Self-watering System hardware connection

I am very new to Arduino/programming/electrics and would like some guidance and helpful advice on whether all these connections are in the right place and if not, where they need to go. I'm 'learning by doing' and any help is appreciated, apologies for the basic diagram.

As far as I can see, it's not 100% clear, you have no power to the pump. It's connected to the outputs of the relay, but a relay isn't a power supply, it's a switch.

Agree with @sionaggutraidh

I think you have your relay wired up incorrectly... bit hard to see... looks back to front. If it is like this one...

Then the 3 header pins should be wired to:
VCC - 5v of the Arduino
GND - GND of the Arduino
IN1 - the pin of the Arduino that controls the pump

The screw terminals should be wired to:
COM - 5v (or whatever the pump needs)
NO - to the pump.

The pump also needs to be connected to GND.

You may make a coopertion with

Along with the other comments, make sure your 0V common ‘grounds’ are tied together.

Also, try to avoid using the breadboard to distribute any significant current… (maybe 500mA max).

Your drawing is a good start, now follow the suggestions, and a sharp, straight-on photo of the diagram is usually better than a photo of the wiring - which gets hidden, or hides in shadows!

Tip: higher +voltages at the top, signal flow from left to right when you can, and avoid crossing lines where possible.

I didn't spot that one- I believe you're right there.

If you have a hot glue gun and if the sensor has exposed electronics. Using low heat, cover the exposed electronics on the capacitive soil sensor. It will last longer.

You will not be happy with the pump. When you get a longer hose that can be properly placed into the pot and your pumping issue fixed and you have made the made the pump run, the soil will keep getting wetter and wetter. The pump creates a siphon situation which will allow water to continue to flow. You'll want to add a solenoid valve.

As been noted the relay is wired incorrectly.

Thank you very much!!! Will make those corrections and have another go.

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