Send and display T-Sensordata via Bluetooth to Android Phone

Hey Guys,

I just recently started working with an Arduino Mega 2560. I got a Base Shield for it together with a Grove BLuetooth Module and a Grove T-Sensor. I managed to read to correct temperature internally and its displayed correctly in the serial monitor of the arduino. I also can connect the bluetooth module to my phone but thats were the problems start.

I built a Android App via MIT App Inventor following a youtube Tutorial. Sadly it somehow wont display or even recieve the sensor data from my arduino.

Here are my resources:
Bluetooth Arduino RECEIVE data + Chart - YouTube (Attempt 1) (Attempt 2)

My Hardware:

The T-Sensor is connected to A0 of the shield and the bluetooth module to D6.

My App:

Attempt1.ino (683 Bytes)

Attempt2.ino (3.3 KB)

Bluetooth comm is generally a simple serial output. If you can connect with your phone the it seems everything is working. Can’t say the same for your Android app though. Try downloading one of the simple BT terminal apps for the Android and see what happens with that. If the transmitted data appears on the phone, well you’ve narrowed it down.

I also can connect the bluetooth module to my phone

That does not prove tht Arduino is correctly connected to Bluetooth. Check the wiring Rx>TX and Tx>Rx

Thanks for the quick replies. I downloaded a Bluetooth Terminal (

But after I connect to the Arduino there is nothing displayed. I also tried switching the Rx and Tx Numbers in my file with each other or tried 10/11 but still nothing wont happen. Could there be any complication with the right pins because of the shield I am using?

If you have already switched the pins, I guess the answer is no. It may be just some procedural thing that only happens once

You might find the following background notes useful.

Thanks this solved my problems. Basically the problem was that I was using the wrong Port on the Base Shield. It works by using the VART port.