Send commands from PC to HC-05 Bluetooth module without USB cable [Solved]

Hey guys,

I'm trying to send commands from my PC to HC-05 without connecting the USB cable from the Arduino to the PC.

I've paird HC-05 with my PC (entered pw: 1234), powered my arduino with an external source.

I know there're applications like 'Bluetooth Serial Terminal' but they're not open source, and moreover, they're apps - for the phone, I want to be able to send from my PC.

How is it possible to be done?

thought about: PuTTy, Serial Monitor, writing a bluetooth program in C#/Java?

Any help will be much appreciated!

Solved it: used PuTTy, checked the radio box called 'Serial', write in Serial Line: PORT8, and Speed: 9600 (baud rate). then clicked on "Open". now when I click on keyboard keys like 'a' it sends 'forward' message like it's intended to do.