Send I2C from xml file


I work on a webserver app using an ESP32.

I want to send I2C from a xml file (on the data folder).

Goal is to flash a DSP. The manufacturer editor can generate an xml file of the configuration. I want to could change easily this file.

Did someone have some code for that ?

Thanks by advance.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

The DSP chip might not accept the XML file, you probably have to convert it into a certain format.
They way the DSP can accept data over the I2C bus depends on the DSP chip.

The xml files contains all I2C data for flashing the dsp.

I want read this xml file and send all theses data in I2C to the DSP.

That is something very specific. Without knowing anything, we can not answer that question.

I have heard of DSP boards with for example the ADAU1701 and Analog Devices has software to design the code. Most of those boards come with a USB to I2C interface to put the code into the DSP. I have also read somewhere that someone has made such a USB-to-I2C interface. But I don't know more about it.

On this forum, someone has for example a sensor that is not working. Then we can read the datasheet and check how it is wired, and maybe it will work or perhaps there is a other solution for the problem.

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