Sending Analog Data via Bluetooth


This is the first time I’m using Arduino, and I have a question regarding a personal project. I have a sensor that is sending analog data of a few hundred millivolts, and I want to send this data via Bluetooth to my Android device.

I was hoping that someone could give me some advice about how exactly I should do this. I am currently using an Arduino 101 with an inbuilt Bluetooth module, and I’ve tried implementing the examples given, but I can’t get them to work.



EDIT: I also realize I need to use an ADC for the input analog signal, and my sampling speed is quite low, I only need ~100 to 1000 samples per second.

You need to write your own Android app. Are you prepared to do that?

Yes, that would be fine with me.

You are basically sending serial data. Convert doubles to ASCII characters and send them.

Without the Android app written first, how were you planning on doing this?

I first wanted to get an idea about how I'd need to program the Arduino. Right now, I was using the nRF Toolbox app with Arduino 101 to see if I could establish a connection between the Arduino and an Android phone

I don't have an Arduino 101, so I have no idea.

What happens when you run the LED example, can you connect to your 101?

When I run it I can use nRF Master Control Panel App to connect. I tap on Unknown Service and the up arrow on Unknown Characteristic to send a value. With the type set to UINT 8 sending a zero turns off the LED and non-zero turns it on.