sending and receiving wav files through the serial port

How can I send a wav. file that is saved in the SD card, connected to the Arduino, through the serial port without having to remove the SD card from the Arduino?
What I have seen so far are text files read and then sent through the serial port with “serial.println(” statement. but what I want is to send a wav. file which is not a text file, so I cant really read it.
Also, can I do the opposite? send a wav. file to the Arduino through serial port and save it in the SD card? so I can play it whenever in the Arduino ?

Will greatly appreciate any help!

but what I want is to send a wav. file which is not a text file,

Yes it is, it is all just bytes

Sending is the easy part, how do you interpret it on the receiving end. the wav files are not fixed length so the Arduino needs to tell the receiving end how many bytes etc it is going to or has sent. You may want to use some sort of check to validate the data has been received properly, if not how do you handle the errors etc. You need to write or select some type of protocol that will do this, as much or as little of it as you want. The end result is you will be transferring unsigned bytes via the serial interface to something that understands what it is getting.