Sending data from Master (usb b) to slave (micro usb)

Hi I am wondering if it is possible to send data from a master that has a usb b to a slave micro usb. The boards would be powered by batteries and the communication would be through the usb b t o micro usb cable. Please let me know if this is possible and what steps needed to achieve this.

For USB you need a host. Usually Hosts have a USB A port, like a PC. Devices have a USB B Port, like Printers.
With Micro, I suppose you mean Micro B. Things with that port are usually Devices, like an Arduino Nano Every.
Some devices with a USB B or or Micro B port support USB on the go (OTG). With such devices it is possible to establish communication without a host, but normally it is not possible or at least not easy to establish communication between 2 USB Devices without a host.

So you need to actually explain what these “devices” are?

Are they both Arduinox? What are they? What is your purpose?

I am tasked to do a master slave configuration with an arduino uno and a arduino micro respectively . The micro controls servo motors is incased in a 3D printed prosthetic hand so the only way to connect to it is via the micro usb. I was thinking of rx tx but I don’t think data can be transmitted from master rx tx pins into a spliced micro usb cable to connect to the arduino micro.

The goal is for an example I press a button on the master to send to the slave to move a servo, then once done, it would send back to the master that it moved by lighting an LED

Im slightly new to arduino, I’ve read people suggesting USB arduino due to be as a host, but im not too familiar with it. I’ve also seen people suggesting a USB host shield on the master and then connect the slave via usb.

I’ll look more into it but if one can give a brief summary about each method and why or why not it will work with what im trying to do, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

If you have a UNO, that would be the obvious way.

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