Sending data HTTP POST method using Serial UART Wifi module

Hi, I'm new with sending data to a server via internet using arduino.

Is it possible do this with serial wifi module?

I read a lot of examples but they all using official wifi shield and cannot afford that.

The module that im using is WIFI Shield V3 RPSMA SKU:TEL0079 more info at

I have managed to get the module to connect to my AP. (i suppose the module already has internet connectivity)

at this stage im just planning to send to google docs >

So, how do I send data via HTTP? what library do I need? can anyone please point me to the right direction. Much thanks! :)

update: just found the module user manual

I doubt there is a library for this, but i saw an example here:

anyway, if you can set the port and the connection to the server, which looks like the shield has a connecting to server mode, you might just send the data directly. If it requires a html header you can send this first on Arduino before sending your data.