sending msg by sim908

i have sim908 and i want to send msg having rfid code
i already had a rfid code

#define RFIDEnablePin 2 
#define RFIDSerialRate 2400
#define RxPin 5
#define TxPin 4 
SoftwareSerial RFIDReader(RxPin , TxPin);
String RFIDTAG="";
String DispalyTAG="";

void setup() {

  Serial.println("Please Scan Card");

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
  if(RFIDReader.available() > 0)
void ReadSerial(String &ReadTagString)
  int bytesread=0;
  int val=0;
  char code[10];
  String TagCode="";
  if (RFIDReader.available()>0)
    if((val = == 10)
        if( RFIDReader.available() > 0)
          val =;
          if((val == 10)||(val == 13)){
        for(int x=0; x<10; x++)
        ReadTagString = TagCode;
        while(RFIDReader.available() > 0)

i want code to send the msg

i want code to send the msg

To send what message?

Why the hell are you using a String to hold a fixed-length number of characters?

i want to send msg have a “code of rfid tag” to my mobile.

I presume "sim908" is some kind of cell-phone shield?

From my experience you usually send those things a bunch of AT commands via serial communication.
For starters you can ignore what the board sends you and just issue the AT command to send a text message (SMS) with the string you want to appear on your phone.
If you're using a single-serial port board such as Arduino UNO, keep in mind that the USB cable takes up the only hardware serial port, so if you want to keep using e.g. the Serial Monitor you need to use a software serial port to talk to the cell-phone shield.

well, i knew about that, but i want an example to send a msg with AT Commands.

Well here's an article with sample code using a Simcom SIM900

If your SIM908 is a similar Simcom model, the command set is likely interoperable.

You don't provide a link to the shield you are using so the following is generic:

Set the SIM908 to GSM mode, then set recipients number, upload message to be sent, followed by ctrl-z.

The manufacturers usually have a 'wiki' page with example code.

i found codes for rfid and sending sms
i want to merge them , how can i do that?


"send those things a bunch of AT commands via serial communication"

i meant something like Serial.print("AT+ whatever")

with the only (key) difference that if you need to use software serial you can't actually write Serial.print(), otherwise the strings will appear in Serial Monitor instead of being sent to the GSM shield.