Sending sensor data from Arduino to PC over ethernet


I’m looking to read data (Analog) with an Arduino, and then send it over Ehternet/UDP to a PC, with a direct RJ45 cable.

I’ve got the Ehternet shield and Arduino, but I cannot find any examples or advice on how to do this.

Ideally I’d like to read the data with Python (on PC), to plot (real-time) and save (log) the data. But right now, my main concern is the communication.

The reason I chose the Ethernet/UDP/RJ45 solution is because the cables are long (>50 meters) and the data transfer is fast (12-bit w. 10 kHz sampling). - So I am not looking to connect the Arduino to the internet - only data transfer between the microcontroller and the PC.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Note: I’ve looked at the Ethernet sketch and the first two Google pages without any luck.

Look at the telnetClient example that comes with the Ethernet library. You will need to implement the other side on your PC in Python. After you get that implemented, it basically turns into a transfer that is very similar to Serial.

this took me 2 seconds to find and I’ve seen several of his videos great guy.