sending sensor data to arduino wirelessly

hello community,
i am planning on setting up an augmented table-tennis game (audio-visual feedback on table-hit and paddle-hit)
for the paddle part, i intend to send vibration and acceleration data wirelessly from the two paddles to a central arduino unit.
several questions arise, considering feasable ergonomics of table-tennis gameplay:

  • wich accelerotmeter to use ? (MMA7361, MMA8452Q seemed appropriate)
  • wich controller to use ? (considering i need 4 channels of analog data to be encoded, 1 piezo and 3 acceleration axes)
  • wichs sender/reciever to use ? (considering i need two distinct communication channels - 2 paddles - and a maximum range of 5m)
    thank you,

If you're planning to make a noise each time the ball hits something, I'd have thought it's basically a matter of using a microphone to pick up game sounds, and amplifying the frequency range corresponding to the sounds of a bouncing ping pong ball. You may not even need to instrument the paddle, just point a mic in the right general direction. (If you want to provide feedback when the paddle is just waved around, then I guess an accelerometer would be the way to detect that. Hollow handle in the paddle?

after some research, here is an approach with on-board arduino :confused:
paddle with sensors & arduino pro mini 328, sending over bluetooth to rs232
it would be nice if somebody could shade some light on any of the following question points:

  • needing ball_hit(piezo sensor) and paddle_wave(acceleration sensor) data, will the piezo interfere with paddle-waving?
  • what range of sensitivity can i expect to be needing for waving a table-tennis paddle ? (it is similar to the wii)
  • is there a (software) way to tell hit_vibrations from paddle_waving just from the acceleration sensor ?
  • which components should go into sleep-mode for battery economy ? (sensors/arduino/emitter)
  • is bluetooth (silver mate) a good option (latency-wise) for sending the data away from the paddle ?
  • what would be a good bt reciever ? my dektop unit hasn't got an onboard bt-device
  • can i use one bt-reciever for two bt paddle-ids ?

i dont see how i could reliably trigger events from mic-signals and at the same time use sound as feedback for those triggers.
also, i would need to differentiate table_hit from paddle_hit ..

thank you