Sensor communication help needed

So i am using a pH sensor that passes through an analog to digital circuit board and transmitted using RS232. The sensor board actually outputs real pH values, not a voltage. I am wondering how I would go about connecting this to my arduino uno. I have added rx and tx leads from the RS232 so i can connect them right into the arduino pins needed. How would I go about connecting the sensor to the arduino uno while still being able to read the values from the sensor using the serial monitor?

The SoftwareSerial library will let you use two digital pins to act as an additional serial port to read from your PH meter. If the meter is using the true RS232 protocol it’s signals will need to be converted to TTL (5V) levels. A MAX232 chip is often used for this purpose. It is possible that it’s already TTL, though unlikely as I assume the meter is designed to be connected to a PC. Find out before you wire anything up.

do you have a link to the datasheet of the PH sensor? Please post it!