Sensors on density measurement of particle board or MDF

I'm working on a project which aims at measuring the density of particle board using NDT methods. Can anyone suggest if density can be found using sensors? Mostly pressure sensor or moisture senso?

Determine the dimensions, and weigh it?

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NDT methods - Non-destructive methods ?
I can't see a moisture sensor as much of indicator here. MDF board should be dry. Maybe sound waves of some frequency/intensity ?

IF this is NOT the answer the OP is looking for, then "density" is not what he is looking for. If not, then what do you mean by "density" of MDF?

That consumes a lot of time. I'm looking for a more simpler method. A portable equipment which can measure the density of the particle board for industrial standards. (something like pylodin wood tester or a resistograph)

What about a pressure sensor? Can pressure be related to density? like if i micro drill the particle board using a hand held equipment, there will be resistive pressure or force opposing the drill bit penetration. i want to take this pressure or force and calculate density. is it possible? please help

@Paul_KD7HB Boards are categorized into different grades on basis of their density. More the density, more structural application for the board. More there are no standard industrial equipments or methods which give us the direct value for density of wooden boards. Few existing methods are gravimetric method which is slow and inaccurate, X-ray densitometry or Gamma ray method which are complex and very expensive. So i was thinking of any hand held equipment using sensors which can be related back to density.
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All the methods you list give you a relative density, not the actual density. Mass and volume give actual density.

Full document:

You really need to research how this is done in practice and what is available , or what measurement technique, you can use that correlates with density ( board flexibility , hardness , whatever).
It’s a very long shot to find an expert on this here !

As previously said , I would have thought , if the boards are a standard size ( and they are) then just putting the board on a scale would give you the answer .

Why would you want to do this , that may point to a solution.

This has a method for measuring s.g. of hard board:

Neither of those measures density, despite what is claimed. The pylodin measures resistance to penetration (which is close to hardness), and the resistograph measures the torque required to drill a small hole in the wood (probably hardness, again).

Density is mass per unit volume (eg grams per cubic centimetre), and I don't think it's possible to measure that non-destructively. A test would require you to weigh a sample and then determine its volume. I don't think you can get a sample non-destructively.

However, you do know the volume of an entire sheet of particle board, so all you need to do to determine its density is weigh the sheet.

Having said that - I don't believe you really do want to know the density. I think you probably want to know the strength, or the hardness, of the sheet.

So, before we go any further, can you please identify exactly what you need to know about the board. Hardness, toughness, stiffness, or what?

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And why you need to know this ?

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