Serial LCD Inverted RS232

Has anyone developed any RS232 code to handle inverted serial signals? I know I can use a MAX232 or MAX233A line driver, but it would be nice to handle it programatically.


You could probably hack the SoftSerial library to do that without too much work, but, if you want to use the hardware UART, you're stuck with adding some hardware to invert the signal.

There's a cheap and compact solution available, that I use, myself: (scroll down to the "P4" board). It's especially handy for TTL-only Arduinos, because it had the circuitry you need for downloading sketches with the bootloader.


Ran, Thanks! Looks like a good solution. I like the USB BUB board too. I have a similar board but it only puts out 3v signals and won't work with my serial LCDs.

I have not even received my Arduino yet - just trying to think ahead on how to use my various sensors and components. I might try the Mega board if I need multiple serial connections.

Their RBBB is also a nice way to cheaply build Arduino functionality into projects that don't use a shield. They're also selling ATMEGA328s now, for less than some suppliers are charging for the 16K chips. You can build an Arduino-equivalent (albeit not pinout-compatible) for under $10.