Server migration.

For those who don’t read the blog, here is the info:

Server migration: data freeze

due to the OS migration in our servers, we invite you to stop posting -otherwise your information will get lost- in the following order:

  • Friday Jan 8th, 13.00 CET: no more email to the email lists, the archives will be moved from then and on

  • Saturday Jan 9th, 6.00 CET: no more posts to the blog, no more posts to the playground

Saturday at 8.00 CET we will activate the new DNS records what will take up to 48 hours to propagate over the whole internet. If when connecting to Arduino, you get the normal page, with no migration message on top of it, that means your computer is accessing the latest website and you can use the website as normal again.

A day or two without arduino! Arghh how will I cope. With my new free toys from sparkfun I suppose ;D


Wow, this new server is fast. Well done team. :) :) :)

Yeah it's better than it was!

Forum is being updated tomorrow so no posts tomorrow...


lightning fast. keep up the good work

Very nice speedup, thank you very much, it’s been a long wait. :wink:


Well, truth is we have updated everything at once and you guys haven't even noticed. If you can post to the server it means you are on the new one:



That was great, and fast.

Thanks guys.

welcome back

Very quickly and efficiently done!

No more slow loads for me ;D!

Very quickly and efficiently done!

No more slow loads for me Grin!

Your poor girlfriend! ;D

Sorry.. had to.. But wow! Good job! That was a fast ass update, I was still worried about some of my posts not staying.. lol

Nice work, folks. The new servers are smooth!

Girst of all: Excellent work, upgrading the server without anyone noticiing is a great job. Good work nice done :0)

But will this lead to something (like a new forum) - or will this just be a step for increasing performance?

But will this lead to something (like a new forum) - or will this just be a step for increasing performance?

Yes, new forum update is scheduled for soon is it not? While we slowly edge towards what is being refered to as arduino 1.0 (dum dum dum dummmmm!) ;D


Hello, i'm spending a lot of time to get an arduino serial with an atmega8 to get running, but with no success.

Now I need the arduino-0009 software, but i can*t download it after the server migration. There is a message to go to google.code, but there are only the versions back to version 0012.

Ask: Where can I download the 0009, because I need it for my old WIN98 PC.

greetings andi [smiley=dankk2.gif]

According to they will release YaBB 3.0 on April 1st 2010. I don't know if it's a joke ;-)

YaBB 3.0 will finally come with mysql support and there should also be a converter.

In the meantime I think I can live with the current forum, since it's speedy now. The quirks may be fixed with the upcoming update to 2.4 I hope.


I think it will be more sensible to get a new PC, or install linux if possible. Running with unsupported software (win98 or v09) doesn't make things easier. You should be able to run a lean window manager (e.g. xfce) on such an old machine (and I hope it's got more than 64MB of ram).

I have an vista notebook without a hardware rs232; i tried to upload via a profilic 2303 usb-rs232 adapter without luck; so I checked for many hours the forum to find a solution. at my win98 PC the compilation fails with v11 and v14, but this one has a rs232.

the serial communication with the board is proofed with a simple programm made with bascom-avr, in both directions, to a terminalprogramm.

I have found out, that in the v09 an older gcc ist used, with should do the job with win98.

I ask in this topic because there is a big change with the server migration I think: the older versions are no more available. maybe tomorrow.

thanks for first answer, andi

I'm sorry that you have to use windows.

If you described you problem in more detail, chances to get help would be much bigger. "It doesn't work" is a bit vague and could be caused by many things.

Still, don't expect people to try and fix code for v09. It is obsolete for a long time, just like win98. It should be retired. Tell us what doesn't work using the latest version in detail, give us error messages.

Edit: and it's also time to split this thread :-)

thumbs up for the new server, forum is blisteringly quick.. :)

Wow :D

Finaly you don't all kind off timeouts when using the forum or website.