Servo Angle in Binary using 7 LED's and 1 LED for positive and negative angle

Hi, I am very new to Arduino and I need some help with a school project. We need to make an elevator (aircraft) and I need to display the angle (65-115 degrees) of the servo motor in binary format using 7 LED's. I aslo need to use one LED for indicating a positive angle (65-90 degrees) or negative angle (91-115 degrees). I have completely no idea how to write this code or were to start. I could use some help writing the code .. maybe it is really simple but it would be nice if some one could help me. Thanks in advance. I have added a pic of a similar project to give you an impression!

The bitRead function may be a useful starting point, if you're unsure about formatting binary values

And precisely what use is displaying it in binary? :grimacing:

Hi @lmdh
make a sketch and even if it doesn't work as you need, post here and we'll help you improve it.
Show goodwill and we will help.
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Is this a real servo project or just a simulation?

Its a real project!

After 10 days, how far along is the project?

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