Servomotors with Arduino

Hello all,

I have developed a program which works with servo motors and OpenCV face detection library. I am implementing it in a small scale model and I am using RS-2 servos which are sufficient. However I want to up scale my model so I need stronger servos.. I was wondering which servos would you advice me to lift up MDF tiles (160cm x 10 cm x 1 or 2 mm) of about 1 kg - 1.5 kg. I need to lift several so I was wondering which type of servo may I need. I would like to know also if it is possible to use stronger servos, Can I keep using my arduino board and the same program or I will need to change that as well?? Cause I was thinking that probably I will need to figure the electronics circuit to not burnt my arduino board but for the rest the program could be the same. I have my program already so I do not want to change the type of motor I just want to make it feasible with servos in order to upscale my model; but I do not want to order anything before being sure it is possible I am searching servos at the moment but I do not know if the price range change according to how they rotate or also about stronger they are and by stronger I mean that they can lift heavier things.... Please advice soon! Thanks!

Thank you

You need to state your requirements in terms of torque; how much weight is being lifted at what distance from the center of axis of the servo.

The electrical aspects of the servo's signal line does not change between different size servos. You might need more power on the +/- lines for a larger servo but unless you're trying to use the Arduino's onboard regulator that aspect is separate from the Arduino. There shouldn't be any programming changes needed except perhaps to adjust for the center point of the servo (they all differ a little).