servos working = AWSOME STUFF!

i got my servos working thanks to 2 cool dudes ( you know who you are lol ) and i wanted to post all the cool things i use them for.

i currently have 2 vids, but i plan on 3 by tonight!

checkem out, and a description of what eahc does is on the descrition place, but in the next one i promise ill talk so you guys can just listen to what it does...

all the current and future vids will be there

Heh, cool. :-)

I like the artwork of the ghost and light bulb...

And was it just me or was there something highly comical about watching the arrow flicker back and forth indecisively when the lights went on and off rapidly? :D


lol yea my fam saw it and they also laughed at it, i just wanted to proove that the lights were controlling it, but i guess it got otther kind of attention…

and my very own family member drew the host, even though idk how that represents darkness lol
glad u liked it!

Well done! You worked really hard on getting that going. I hope you are enjoying the pleasure of successfully climbing up that learning curve.