Setting up Two Synchronized Hall Effect Linear Actuators

Hi Guys, I'm new here! I was wondering if any of you more experienced Arduino Gurus could potentially help me get my project up and running. Essentially what I'm attempting to do is create a powered liftgate system with two Linear actuators that need to be synchronized with each other. The actuators are using Hall effect sensors for feedback. ( each actuator has two hall effect sensors).
The pinout for each actuator are as follows..

Pin 1: Motor (-)- Black
Pin 2: Hall 1 - White
Pin 3: GND - Blue
Pin 4: VCC - Yellow
Pin 5: Motor (+) Red
Pin 6: Hall 2 - Green

I've been doing a little research and I was instructed to use an Arduino Due, do to its processing speed being ideal with keeping up with the Hall count. I also have an Arduino Motor shield board Part # (A000079) If anyone of you guys think you could potentially be of assistance. Or have any insight on what would be the best course of action to go about this, I would really appreciate your help!

Posting links to the hardware, actuators, motor shield etc. gives good replies faster and less of useless guesses.

If the the two sensors are NOT end stop indicators, what do you have for end stop indicators?

Good question but still a guess... @OP No real help. Links.....

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