Several bugs/issues

Firstly, do we send issues here or use GitHub? Second, do we need to create a separate message for every bug? Here is my list after the first few minutes:

IDE Beta 2.0 Testing on Window 10

  • The foreground and background and lettering are too pale to read well.
  • Very slow to load all the Tabs (I have about 60 cpp and .h files)
  • When Choosing a tab for my file called myAutomation.h it keep jumping back to the first file.
  • Now have to use Ctrl+Enter to send commands from the Serial Monitor. Can this behavior go back to the way it was with a setting?
  • Serial monitor updates like an old Teletype printer of dot matrix printer. Not good. Is it a speed issue?
  • Can we still use an external text editor?
  • Where is "set verbose compile output"?