Several bugs/issues

Firstly, do we send issues here or use GitHub? Second, do we need to create a separate message for every bug? Here is my list after the first few minutes:

IDE Beta 2.0 Testing on Window 10

  • The foreground and background and lettering are too pale to read well.
  • Very slow to load all the Tabs (I have about 60 cpp and .h files)
  • When Choosing a tab for my file called myAutomation.h it keep jumping back to the first file.
  • Now have to use Ctrl+Enter to send commands from the Serial Monitor. Can this behavior go back to the way it was with a setting?
  • Serial monitor updates like an old Teletype printer of dot matrix printer. Not good. Is it a speed issue?
  • Can we still use an external text editor?
  • Where is "set verbose compile output"?


Hi @fdecker

This is the best place for discussion, support requests, and unstructured feedback regarding the Arduino IDE 2.x. As you might guess from this horribly slow response, it's not the most efficient way to bring issues to the attention of the folks doing the development of the Arduino IDE. Submitting high quality issues to the issue tracker of the Arduino IDE 2.x GitHub repository is the best way to report bugs or make feature requests to the Arduino IDE developers.

I do try to translate the posts here into GitHub issues, but I make a policy of only doing that when I am able to personally reproduce the issue, and bugs aren't always so well behaved as to allow that.

When it comes to GitHub issues, definitely. That allows the progress on each individual bug to be tracked effectively. As for forum posts, I think it's a bit more relaxed here so you can use your judgement as to which approach is appropriate.

Is this in regard to one theme in particular (several are available via File > Preferences > Theme, or did you have the problem with all of them?

Are all the tabs in the root of the sketch folder, or are some in subfolders of the sketch?

There was a report about this here:

Often the approach taken with very large complex sketches (e.g., Marlin) is to put the files that implement lower level internal capabilities under the src subfolder of the sketch, where they will be compiled, but not exposed directly to the user via the Arduino IDE editor, keeping only the higher level code the average user needs in the root of the sketch.

It was discovered that Arduino IDE 2.x was loading all the source files of the sketch, even though it only needed the ones in the root of the sketch (the build system handles the recursive compilation of the src subfolder, so the IDE's GUI code only needs to be concerned with the files in the root folder). By making that change, the source files in the subfolder have no impact on the loading time.

Where were you choosing it? Were you clicking on the tab itself, or selecting it from the dropdown tab menu, or ... ?

Does the issue only occur with a tab named myAutomation.h?

Does it only occur with your 60 file sketch, or can you produce a more minimal demonstration of the issue?

I'm also hoping for this. I have submitted a formal report to the Arduino IDE developers here;

This should now be fixed:


The classic Arduino IDE had an inconvenient and outdated approach to this, where you had to configure the IDE preferences to allow the use of an external editor, at which time the IDE's integrated editor was disabled. Arduino IDE 2.x uses the intuitive standard modern approach of a file watcher, where edits made to the file externally will be reflected automatically in the IDE, and the IDE editor remains usable.

The only thing you need to be careful of is that the watcher is disabled if the file is in an unsaved state in the Arduino IDE, as is the standard and only correct behavior. This will not be a problem for those who have File > Preferences > Auto Save enabled.

Same place as always.

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