Share a good way to write interface under the bare computer

Can you program the SCM interface? Most of people will think of the structure first when to write SCM interface.But for a beginner, it is already very difficult to understand .Following will introduce a way to write interface program.While what you need to pay attention is that it is just a case and there is no practical value about the program, but the useful programming ideas in it.I use the way in many projects and the stability is very good.

Enc lose the code:

Is that code usable with an Arduino ? I don't understand your post.
Please tell that you have a shop, and a forum and you test and try things. Please don't link to a zip file with unknow contents.

I suggest you use your blog or create learning pages at the shop website and tell there about your ideas and tests.
If you code is very usefull for a service entry, you might make a youtube movie to explain and show it.
If you have something special, you can tell us about it and link to your own page.

I'm not a moderator, but I think that a commercial link now and then is okay.

Yes, I have a forum:
I just talk about programming method here. If you have problems, welcome discuss with me in my forum