Shift register to source ~8 x 20mA current

Currently I have few 74HC595 registers, but they cannot source enough current for 8 LEDs (~20mA for each). I know I could use transistors, but I want to use as little amount of parts as possible. So is there any shift register which can do that? Hopefully well known, because at the place where I live not many parts are available and then I have to order them from other cities/eBay.


Thanks! Any other ones? In case this one isn't available when I go looking for it.

Why not use a proper LED controller? eg. TLC5916?

PS: A 74HC595 can source 17.5mA on four pins and simultaneously sink 17.5mA on the remaining 4. If you arrange your LEDs nicely that's pretty close to 20mA per pin. :-)

TLC parts only sink current, they do not source.

TLC parts only sink current, they do not source.
If you can get by with sinking current, look got TPIC6B595.
Also 6A595, 6C595, 6D595.

Thanks for the responses! I really need to source current, but in other cases sinking will also work. (this is for common cathode RGB LEDs, so I need to source, not to sink)