Short Circuit MKR1000


I have received the MKR1000 bundle yesterday and wanted to try it out. So I started with one of the example projects - Pavlov's Cat

So I started connecting the wires and reached step 1 - the wiring of cat detection.

It seemed ok, but I couldn't get any values printed on my serial monitor. So I started trying different pins with no success A0, A6, A1 and etc. Finally, I reached pin 7 and that is when my Arduino disappeared from the serial port and I can't upload anything on it. I guess, I have short circuited the board, because they are on the same side of the breadboard with the i3 hole, where I have connected the other part of the wire (same as the sketch above).

Right now, the on button is on, but the connection to the PC is not showing. I have tried reseting the board, the PC, but nothing seems to work. Is there any way to fix it, or a new MKR1000 is the way to go?

Thank you in advance!