MKR1000 cannot be found using USB port

Hello there, users of the forum! I am new to Arduino and I thought this is the right forum to tell you the problem.

I have an Arduino MKR1000 and I cannot uplaod the sketch using Arduino IDE. I thought that this is a bug of Arduino IDE, so I used Arduino Cloud and it didn't find the board either. It redirected me to this forum.
I have tried two different computers with two different operating systems (Windows 8 and Linux).

My friend told me that the problem is in the cable but the cable I used was the one that was included in the official MKR IoT bundle! Then I used a two more cables and none of them worked.

I did a research and many people said that pressing the MKR1000 button, placed on the board, will do something; well it did nothing.

Others wrote that the board is damaged but the board's LED is working (I think it even blinks very fast or changes it brightness periodically).

Is there something I can do to fix that or is my MKR doomed?

Am moving this to the MKR specific section for you.

In there are quite a few posts that would probably help you get going.

Double clicking the RESET button should put it into BOOTLOADER mode on a new COM port under windows at least.

However you may have omitted some details about your issue so you may want to also read up here on some items and rule them out.

Additionally this post may also be worth some time to read.