Sim900a and rogers

I bought a sim900a last December and I can't get it to work. The last two days I've learned a lot about this little device like how to flash it to a sim900 for North America and the common commands used to check the unit.

The unit is picking up the simple card because one of the commands returns "rogers" in its echo. However, at+csq returns 0,0 which means the signalgorithm strength is 0 out of 32. As far as I understand without signal it can't find networks.

No networks show up on the other command, forget what it is, and the net light blinks almost once a second. Power led is solid.

I am able to talk to the module as it is responding to AT commands.

Can anyone who's done this with a rogers Sim lend a hand?

This turned out to be a bum sim900a mini module.