SIM900a shorted?

Is it possible that the board of the SIM 900 board got shorted?

The deal here is:

  1. I can connect to the network (led light blinking at 1 blink / 3 sec)
  2. The Arduino Uno is working, I've tried moving the sensor pins and it still works.
  3. I cannot connect my GSM module to the Arduino.
  4. It used to connect to the Arduino and can send SMS, but suddenly it stopped working. No Serial responses or anything on cmd, no sms

I have the same issue stop working (Arduino UNO - SIM800L) and I added an extra power supply (3-amps) then worked.

I am using a buck converter that can supply 5v 5a tho. Tried also in a power brick 3a, not working

Try to connect over USB-TTL converter by AT commands.

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