simple math problem if statement

Hello All,
I just started with Arduino and with programing.

My problem is that I need to increment the output to a servo (LFoot) by 1 in an if statement.
When the result of the if statement is a number or just the servo name (LFoot) then all works, but when I add a 1 to the name I get an
error: no match for ‘operator+’ in 'LFoot + 1.

Thanks for any assistance

This is my code

#include <Servo.h>

Servo LFoot;
int LLToe=15; //selects input pin for left foot left toe sensor input
int LRToe=14;
int ValueLLToe; //variable to store the value coming from the sensor
int ValueLRToe;

void setup()
// Attaches names of servos to specific pins of controler
//Fett plug

LFoot.attach(12);//Roll in max 155, Roll out max 40, center 98
int LFoot(98);

void loop ()// To stand
//Left plug

ValueLLToe = analogRead(LLToe);
ValueLRToe = analogRead(LRToe);
if (ValueLLToe < ValueLRToe)
LFoot = LFoot ;

LFoot is a variable of type Servo. What does adding one to a servo mean? Do you then have two servos?

I see.
I guess I need a separate variable that holds the value of the servos position.

This if statement is to shift the servo position by increments of one.

After fixing the mistakes that were in the code and making some minor changes everything works.